※Guangdong Zhengchao Electric is a state-level high-tech enterprise with technology-driven core competitiveness. It provides integrated software and hardware solutions based on electric Internet of Things and intelligent transformer, distribution and charging network power products around a number of new energy and power fields. The company's main customers are power generation enterprises, power grid enterprises, public transportation systems, intercity highways, municipal and other large power units. ※It is committed to building a super defense line of power supply safety of the power system, intelligent electrical equipment and the integration of things, and help electric vehicles to travel in an environmentally friendly and green way. Moreover, the company is responsible for the research and development, design and manufacture of nuclear grade electrical equipment series products for China's nuclear power plants, and undertakes the research and development task of Hualong No.1 nuclear power Plant switching equipment, making due contributions to the realization of China's nuclear power switching equipment going abroad.